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Something for Nothing?

When a company offers you extra or “FREE” challenge coins , are they really free if your overpaying for the 100 or so coins your buying? We don’t try to play tricks, or hide costs, straight forward is how we roll. Do these companies really think they are fooling anyone ? let’s say you pay some other company on an order of 100 coins $1 more per coin. Then they are awesome enough to say they are giving you 10 free coins. The bottom line is your still overpaying.  You and me both know that this cheap trick does not work. Crystal clear, straight forward, no gimmicks.  When we offer something FREE we really mean it. You don’t want the free offer, your still going to get the same quote. We don’t jack up the prices just to ” lower” them with tricky offers. We don’t try to fool anyone. Since over 90% of our clients are our very own U.S. Armed Forces We think you deserve better than that.

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Designing and delivering challenge coins is what we do. Full time dedication 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Emails get read and returned night and day, Not 2 - 3 days later. You will not find a more dedicated challenge coin company on any page in any of the search engines.

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