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Our Coins Vs. Those Other Guys..

Let me start out by saying. If you are a competitor of mine and your reading this, Then good for you. Our intent on writing this article is to level the playing field and maybe you can help do so. When a buyer emails challenge coin companies and gets several quotes, those quotes are not based on the same quality coins you would receive from us . When you request a quote from 99% of the industries leading challenge coin companies you get a quote for a cheap soft enamel painted coin. When you email milcoins.com for a quote, you get a quote based on your design for a much higher quality semi-cloisonné enamel coin. The difference is huge. There are 3 major elements in a challenge coin. Design, Metal, and Paint. Why would anyone want either of these elements to be low quality? Our competition banks on the fact that most people just do not know the difference.

We try to get every detail possible into patches and seals on our coins. Aren’t those kind of important? Most companies don’t even try, they just simplify everything. Brass centering is the foundation of almost every challenge coin. Some companies mint 2″ round zinc or alloy coins, Only because the buyer won’t know the difference. Sometime due to size or shape the coins need to be centered with zinc alloy, But no 2″ coins or smaller should ever be made with it. So, to some it up all in one phrase. ” What you don’t know can hurt you.” But now, you know.

The first two images are our semi-cloisonné enameled coins. They are smooth, shiny, and the highest of quality. Enjoy some more images of our coins in our challenge coin galleries.  

Take a look at the last two images. This is a  soft enamel coin example. You can clearly see the particles that were left on the coin before it was painted. This is a common  issue with low quality soft enamel paint. It is thin and soft, similar to spray paint or model paint. If you get coins from a company that uses soft enamel paint, this is a good example of what type of quality you will be receiving.


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