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Navy Challenge Coin

Navy Challenge Coin, Military Challenge Coin, Custom Challenge CoinsOur Navy men and women are avid challenge coin collectors, and for good reason. Some of the nicest challenge coins are designed, collected , and carried by the U.S. Navy.  These coins range from rank coins, to base coins and everything in between. Rank coins are exactly that, usually baring the Navy seal on one side and a rank on the other. These coins can be found very easily for sale and range between $10 – $20. Base coins are challenge coins that are design to dedicate a Naval base. They usually have the bases seal, states, and city somewhere on them. Ship coins are highly collected and sought after. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some even in the shape of the vessel itself. The should always have the ships crest on it. If there is no crest, it’s considered a fraudulent coin. Mission coins are a desired collectible when it comes to Navy coins. Mission coins are very hard to find because the rarely leave the possession on the member who completed or was involved in said mission.

Sub school coins are given out to new members joining the U.S. Navy after they graduate from sub school.Chief coins are one of the most type of coins in demand and collected. With that being said, they also are the most duplicated types of Navy coins. If your buying a ” Chief ” coin and it is not directly purchased from the mess itself it may be not authentic. Always remember when buying a challenge coin, buy it because you like it. Not because you think it is worth more than what you are paying for it.

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