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More Coin For Your Money

Get more of your custom challenge coins at better quality for the same amount of money. Say your budget is $600 and you need 100 coins. My competitors will take your $600 and get you 100 of there lower quality custom coins. With the same $600 you could buy more coins at a higher quality. Minting your coins with Milcoins.com is a no brainier. Lower mold fees, lower unit cost, higher quality, and better service. Say you already have a design from another company. No problem, we can use the concept and change it slightly. We are legally held to changing the design slightly so other companies don’t get all bent out of shape. Buy quality challenge coins, not just a quality design. A challenge coin is made out of 3 main aspects.

1. Design – Don’t just buy a better piece of artwork because it looks flashy
2. Metal – Make sure you coins are going to be made brass centered and with high quality plating
3. Paint – Other companies use soft enamel or hard enamel paint. These types of enamel are thin and you will be able to see bumps and uneven areas. We use semi-cloisonne , Its thick, shiny, and polished smooth so you won’t see uneven areas or bumps under the paint like you will if you get soft enamel or hard enamel paint.

Don’t lower your standards, you deserve better.

By Lawrence Phillips

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Owner / Operator at Milcoins.com
Designing and delivering challenge coins is what we do. Full time dedication 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Emails get read and returned night and day, Not 2 - 3 days later. You will not find a more dedicated challenge coin company on any page in any of the search engines.

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