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Mold Fee Policy

Our mold fee policy : Molds are kept within the factory for 2 years. After 2 years of not being re-used the mold then goes into storage. Our factory then can charge us up to $50 to get it out of storage. This fee sometimes is waved, depending on quantity of respectable order, original order quantity, design, and or cost. If your mold is un-used for 2 years the mold us discarded. This is to keep our factory from becoming a stockpile for un-used molds. If you re-use your mold within the first 2 years after the original production month, The mold regains its place inside our factory. You can re-use said mold without any further charges.

Some Companies do not tell you about  this factory policy. We like to remain as transparent as possible. Many companies will remake the mold at no cost to you and remake your order. Which is great, but you may get slightly different coins out of the new mold.

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