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How To Order Challenge Coins

This is a tutorial on how to order custom minted challenge coins. Most people find a website, get a quote, and place an order. Not knowing what they may or may not be getting. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you get the best possible challenge coin for you and your unit.

The first and far most important thing is quality: When receiving a quote from a company, Ask the following questions:

  1. Are my coins going to be painted with hard enamel or soft enamel paint ?
  2. Are my coins going to be brass centered or an alloy centered coin ?
  3. What is the plating going to look like ? Ask for examples if your unsure.
  4. How thick is each coin going to be ?
  5. What is the guaranteed likeness between the artwork and the final product ?
  6. What is the production timeline ?
  7. How will the coins be shipped, and where are they being shipped from ?

If the company offers artwork that includes a legend you should fully understand it. If you don’t completely comprehend anything, the company representative should explain it in full detail.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Be sure  your comparing apples to apples. Just because one company can mint your coin for pennies less, doesn’t mean that they offer the same quality product.  Look at the pros and cons of each quote.

Approving the artwork is a big step. Look it over and over again. Once you send it back to the company and deem it to be approved, it will be used to cut the mold. Once the mold is cut any further revisions might cost you extra money. Little things can make or break a coin. Spelling, font sizes and styles, even letters touching inner or outer rings can make a coin look inferior.

Ordering challenge coins should be simple :

  1. Get quote.
  2. Pay $25 deposit so we can get the artwork started.
  3. Approve of artwork once any necessary revisions are made
  4. Pay for order.
  5. Wait for coins to arrive. Open the box(es) and start presenting them to your men and women that have earned them.
  6. Tell everyone you know where you got them.



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