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Customer Responsibilities

As a customer you are responsibile for double checking the artwork. The artwork consists of all the graphic details, including size, paint colors, plating types, lettering, spelling, spacing, and any other aspects of the before mentioned artwork. We provide unlimited artwork revisions. If you feel like something on the artwork is questionable or not 100% to your liking, please let us know. So we can revise it for you. We try to catch any imperfection in the artwork before the artwork even gets to you, but we are human also and sometimes overlook something.

The likeness between the artwork and the final artwork is 95% – 99%. So if approved artwork does get past all of our eyes and does get into production that is what the coin is going to represent. Every custom orders artwork must be approved by the indavidual that is filling out the payment document, or whom it is being shipped to.

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