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Army Challenge Coins

 Army Challenge Coins, Military Challenge Coins, Custom Challenge CoinsArmy coins includes coins for US Army units, bases, ranks, equipment, aircraft, Military Police, families, operations and wars and more. The U.S. Army legacy in challenge coins is arguably the most historical of all the branches.  I will review the many types of US Army coins. Unit coins have a units crest, patch, or insignia on it. They are usually on the ordinary side in size and style. Base coins are coins that have the base name and base seal or insignia on it. Rank coins usually what we call a stock coin. Made by most companies in the retail world of challenge coins. These coins usually bare the US Army seal on one side and the patch of rank on the opposite. These are given to soldiers when then move up in rank within any military branch. Equipment coins are coins that are usually handed out to a soldier when he passes his training and it certifies to handle a new piece of equipment , fire arm, or vehicle? Air craft  challenge coins minted to honor a specific type of air craft or vehicle. An example of this type of coin is the very popular Uh-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Challenge Coin.

MP or Military Police coins are very popular but rare to find for sale anywhere, So if your a collector and you see a nice one, be prepared to shell out some cash. One thing about Army challenge coins that we don’t see much from other branches are family coins. These coins are usually promote something along the lines of parents or families of enlisted members. Operation and war coins are common but very hard to find outside of the soldier who received it. Mainly because it holds great sentimental value and he or she are not parting with it. Operation and war coins found for sale on line are usually un-official and made by someone who is looking to profit off them.


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