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Air Force Challenge Coins

Air Force Challenge CoinsAir force challenge coins are highly re guarded as some of the nicest coin by design aspects. They are usually very clean looking. Usually shiny silver plated is chosen for most Air Force challenge coins.There are many  types of coins minted for our Jet flying friends in the Air Force. Very commonly a challenge coin is minted for a specific air craft, One of the most common air crafts to appear on a challenge coin is the F22. Some of the most unique challenge coins are in the shape of the air crafts themselves.  Anniversary coins are very popular within the United States Air Force. This is a coin that usually bares the insignia of the Air Force, Birth date, and a commemorative type of design.

Air Force base coins normally are typical base coin with the base insignia. Air craft on base, and something that represents the city, state, or country that the base is located in. Commander coins are similar to most commander coins, Except commander coins usually have the words ” AWARDED FOR EXCELLENCE ” or something related. Air Force ball coins or event coins normally retain the same design as most event coins do. The place, date, and subject are the 3 main topics within the design. Almost identical to a Anniversary style coin. Mission coins , like most mission coins are rarely found outside of the Air Man’s hand who first received it.

Air Force coins are always among the top type of challenge coins collected by hobbyists. They are almost always appealing and easy to find for sale. Like most challenge coins, if there is too many copies of a single coin don’t buy it thinking it is a rare find. Buy it because you like the design, what it represents, and the quality of the production.

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