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About Us

This section tells you, our hopeful future customer a little bit about us. Who we are , and what we stand for. First of all, My name is Lawrence Phillips. Some people know me as that guy they call when they have run out of there supply of challenge coins. For that I say, Thank you. I want to be that guy that serves the people that serve our country and protect our freedom. Most of our customers are military, some are law enforcement, Congressmen, municipal organizations, private companies, public companies and so on. I began designing challenge coins in 2004 with another company, shortly after spearheading my own business and calling it milcoins, a term meaning military coins.

As you search the site you will find that we do point out the fact that our production is much better than 90 plus percent of anyone else. We say this, and we do mean it. Our staff is driven by designing and producing higher quality coins than you have ever seen before. We want our product once in hand to speak for itself. We understand every challenge coin is special and has meaning. Even the ones not minted with us. We just want ours to stand out, so those that know quality and see the difference.

We have many other challenge coin related websites and projects that we are currently working on so be on the look out for them in the news or blog page of this site. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media platforms. Thank you for spending your time and reading this section.

By Lawrence Phillips

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