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Milcoins.com is expanding into the retail side of challenge coins. To do this we want to stock our store with officially used challenge coins. So here is our sales pitch and what it means to you. We will give you 10 FREE challenge coins if you authorize us to mint 10 – 15 coins using the mold that you paid for. Keeping the limit to 10 – 15 coins will insure your coin is not mass produced and only in the hands of serious collectors. This offer does not pertain to every custom challenge coin we make. The desired designs will be hand picked by our staff. Then the offer will be brought to your attention. You can take part in the offer or not. There is no pressure.We are not going to hold it against you, nor raise your price, or call you bad names behind your back. If your design is chosen and you want to take part in our offer the 10-15 copies of your coin will be listed on www.thecoinrack.com

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