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thumbWe proudly serve our Men and Women in uniform. We built our company on the trust of our troops to bring them the highest quality challenge coins in the world today. We have created thousands of military challenge coins for our military service members since 2007. If your organization wants to order challenge coins or patches, ” We’ve Got Your Six !”


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 USS NAUTILUSThe submarine capital of world trusted to deliver their challenge coins for the 114th Groton Sub Ball. We showed up in person with the 2200 coins just to see the Chiefs reaction. To say the least, He loved the 2.5″ dual plated coin and all its detail. Baring the 21 home ported submarines crests, center by the 60th anniversary logo of the USS Nautilus ( SSN 571 ). The back side was just as nice as the front, making it the nicest coin ever to be presented at the event. Click here to see a gallery of the 2014 Groton Sub Ball Challenge Coin.


Lawrence Phillips