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  • Honoring American Heroes and Legends.

  • Who supplied the Groton Sub base with this years Sub Ball coin? We did, and they loved it.

  • Custom Military Challenge Coins

    Our competition hates us, but our customers love us. Read our testimonial page.

thumbWe proudly serve our Men and Women in uniform. We built our company on the trust of our troops to bring them the highest quality challenge coins in the world today. We have created thousands of military challenge coins for our military service members since 2007. If your organization wants to order challenge coins, lapel pins,  or patches, ” We’ve Got Your Six !”


NO KIDDING !!! Free molds and shipping is just one ways of kidding you into buying a coin. We all know that the cost of doing business involves having a mold made.  Is paying no mold fee worth paying twice as much per coin on every coin you order? Think of the bottom line. Once you pay the mold fee, it’s paid off for all future orders of the same coin. Saving you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Our pricing and our quality is as much about the coin as it is making sure you understand the details of your coin. Ordering is easy and if you have the right company.  Don’t get tricked into the ” No Mold Fee/ FREE shipping Scam! ” Make the move on your challenge coin orders to No tricks, No Gimmicks, and real customer satisfaction. 


CHALLENGE COIN COMMUNITY – A New Facebook group with its own domain name for easy bookmarking and branding. Buy, Sell, Promote, Trade, Share, all things Challenge Coin related. NO TROLLING or you will be banned. By joining this group you will also get exclusive deals from our sponsored website Also new sales and listing alerts before they are published anywhere else.

—————————————————————————————————————————— Is our new Online store. Where all of our selected customer coins* will be listed for retail sale. Come check out our growing inventory of very limited and authentic challenge coins. All prices listed include FREE shipping. 

* Selected customer coins are only sold to the public if the purchasing indavidual agrees to the terms of the Milcoins 10 FREE retail offer.


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